Working Woman- Wellness Needs


A large number of women today are working and building up their careers . However many women are facing a lot of health-related difficulties due to the stress of managing both home and career.
Working women need special attention to keep healthy and fit . Below are few points that will help a working woman to stay healthy and fit.

Balanced diet
Women need greater amounts of certain nutrients like iron and calcium than men. Deficiencies lead to serious diseases if a woman continues taking an imbalanced diet.
Working women face a bigger challenge of having a balanced diet. Due to this stress  women have a tendency to eat too much or too less, and have unhealthy foods which are all not good for their health. Most common disorders in working women are iron deficiency or protein deficiency. Several nutrients are crucial for a diet to be balanced for the working women.
• Iron – prevents anemia and strengthen the immune system.
• Calcium – maintains bone density and regulates blood pressure during pregnancy
• Folic acid: essential for women of childbearing age as it protects against birth defects.
• Vitamin E: protects against heart diseases and cancer by increasing antibody production.
• Vitamin B: elevates mood, improves energy level, regulates sleep and balances the appetite.
• Protein: an essential part of any healthy diet and builds muscles.
Exercise regularly
Healthy lifestyle requires a regular exercise routine along with balanced diet. It is very important for them to be healthy and active.

There are multiple ways by which one can increase physical activities in their daily routine.
• Stay active
• Take a short walk during lunch break
• Working out with a buddy keeps one motivated
• Do ease stretches while sitting in the office
• Take out at least 20 minutes for exercise in your daily routine

Eat a good breakfast

Women must maintain a proper diet with the workouts in order to keep fit . Fresh fruits contain glucose and help to keep sweet cravings at bay.Add lots of fresh fruits in your breakfast. With fresh fruits you can also include some dry fruits in your breakfast for energy.

Drink lots of water

Water is very essential for our body. Keep drinking water at regular intervals, so that you don’t de-hydrate yourself.

Be happy
Overcome the stress by staying cool and calm. Happiness is the key to stay healthy and fit. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise can help you keep going and achieve your goals in life. Being fit will help you give your best at work every day!

Happiness is the best medicine

Enjoy each moment of your life 


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