Welcome Summer – Beat The Heat




Stay indoors

Be indoors especially in the afternoon. This is the most simple way to prevent rising body heat. If at all you must be outdoors, protect yourself from sun in every possible way.
Cover exposed skin areas with light weight clothes and apply sunscreen. Cover head with a hat, cap or scarf and use sunglasses. Wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothes.

Drink plenty of  fluids

Drink a lot of water regardless of your activity levels and  hydrate your body even if you are not thirsty as it is sweating to keep itself cool.
Avoid alcohol and drinks that contain caffeine and lots of sugars and prefer taking fresh juices of watermelons, lemons and pineapples that are refreshing for people with high body heat. Buttermilk, coconut water, panna (made from raw mango), and other sherbets like khus and gulaab are better options than carbonated drinks. These drinks  keep your body cool and  also provide energy.

Keep your diet light

Avoid eating spicy and fried foods and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables. Go for  seasonal fruits and vegetables that help you counter the effect of heat. Watermelons, muskmelons, mango, cucumber and fresh green vegetables help in reducing the body heat.
Also, cut down intake of chicken and red meat as these produce more heat in the body. Have small frequent meals and ensure to have breakfast. Breakfast helps to prevent low blood pressure and dizziness in summer.
Have small servings of custard, kheer or ice cream instead of heavy halwas to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cool and relax

Restrict too much physical activity on a hot day as it can lead to heat stress. Rest as much as possible and keep air circulating around you. Taking cool showers also helps.


Enjoy Summer 






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