Should We take Vitamins and Nutrient Supplements


Should We take Vitamins and Nutrient Supplements? This is a  common query  and most of the youngsters,gym goers take vitamins and nutrient supplements.However the fact is as long as our body is getting its essential vitamins from the natural foods, there is no need for vitamin supplements. Many people take vitamin supplements just because they think that body will get its due intake of vitamins which food might not be able to give. However, nutritionists do not  recommend vitamin supplements to people who consume a healthy and balanced diet. Also there is lack of enough data to justify the claim that vitamin supplements benefit healthy people.

Below are  few important  reasons why healthy people don’t need vitamin supplements:

1. Vitamin supplements are not required to prevent deficiencies

Usually deficiencies are not caused by lack of food. There are other factors which leads to deficiencies e.g. habits, sedentary life style,Pregnancy, falling sick and  accidents.Smoking and drinking are responsible for many of the nutrient deficiencies in our body. Habits and sedentary life style make a huge contribution in giving your body these deficiencies.

2. Vitamin supplements do not reduce the incidence of diseases

It is a general belief  that vitamin supplements reduce the incidence of diseases. However , studies and meta-analysis have confirmed that vitamin supplements cannot be an effective substitute for food. The also do not prevent cancer. In fact, some vitamin supplements may increase serious risks to our health.

3. Fruits and vegetables are nutrient-rich

The fruits and vegetables we consume on a daily basis are all full of essential vitamins and minerals that human body needs. We must be careful about our diet and consume only fresh and organic produce. It is an established fact now that vitamin supplements can never make up for the nutrients that we get from fresh veggies and fruits.

4. Vitamin supplements negate the good effect of exercises

There is a group of experts who advocate that artificial vitamin  supplements nullify the effect of exercising on the body. Though many athletes and sports persons take these multivitamins and antioxidant supplements on regular basis,all their effort and hard work  in exercising and working out, go in vain when they consume vitamins supplements to reap them up.

5. Excessive use of Multi-vitamins can cause cancer

A study done in 2005 on white men revealed that many men, who were regular on vitamin supplements, were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Many studies have reported links between excessive intake of vitamin supplements and various kinds of cancers .



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