What is Gestational Diabetes- Best Gestational Diabetes Treatment in Delhi


What is Gestational Diabetes

Persistent elevated Blood Sugar levels during pregnancy is called Gestational diabetes.

In this article we will tell you about gestational diabetes and where one should go for Best Gestational Diabetes Treatment in Delhi.

Causes :

Food is broken down by our digestive system into a sugar called glucose. Glucose enters the bloodstream to provide energy to body cells. Muscle, fat, and other cells absorb glucose from blood with the help of insulin.

Gestational diabetes is thought to arise because the many changes, hormonal and otherwise, that occur in the body during pregnancy predispose some women to become resistant to insulin.

If body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or if the cells do not respond to it normally, glucose level remains high in blood and does not move into cells.

Pregnant ladies’ body naturally becomes more resistant to insulin so that sifficient glucose is available for the baby. Usually it is not a problem as pancreas secrete more insulin when it is required to process excess glucose in blood.

But if the pancreas not able to meet with the increased demand for insulin during pregnancy, blood sugar levels rise as the cells are not able to absorb glucose and covert it to energy. This results in gestational diabetes.

Unlike other form of diabetes, gestational diabetes is not  permanent. Blood sugar will most likely return to normal once baby is born. However, gestational diabetes does makes you predisposed for diabetes in the future.


Oral Glucose Tolerance test is  carried out for diagnosis.

Best Gestational Diabetes Treatment in Delhi

Your gynaecologist may advise oral hypoglycaemic agents to control the raised blood sugar level. Below is the list of few good hospitals where one can consult.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Holy Family Hospital

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Ayurvedic And Unani Medicine Hospital

All India Institute of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College Hospital

Homeopathic Hospital

Nehru Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital



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