Swine Flu (Unani Medicine Concept)



  1. Steam inhalation
  2. Behdana 3 gms, Unnab 5 pieces, Sapistan 9 pieces, boil the contents in 20 gms of water, filter it, add Sharbat-e- banafsha 20 ml, sprinkle 5 gms of khaksi upon it and use it orally twice a day.
  3. Take Arq-e- ajeeb 4-8 drop in fresh water and use 4 times a day
  4. Drink Sharbat-e-Nazla 2 tsf or Joshanda Nazla with half cup lukewarm water twice in empty stomach morning and evening.
  5. Qurs-e- Suaal 2 tabs twice along with Habb-e- Giloe 2 tabs or  Habbe akseer-e- Bukhar  2 tabs twice a day or as advised by a qualified Unani physician
  6. Keep Neem and Tilsi leaves inside and outside the houses as it has tremendous potential in preventing flu like symptoms specially swine flu




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